nacra 500 mk2

Nacra 500 MK2 revealed!

With the new Nacra 500 MK2, Nacra wants to encourage, engage and empower all levels of sailors. This boat is an accessible stepping stone into the world of catamaran sailing. The Nacra 500 MK2 is infused with Nacra’s experience in the high-performance and Olympic Games catamaran scene and now makes this knowledge available for all.

The new Nacra 500 MK2
Nacra Sailing is proud to reveal the new Nacra 500 MK2! The first high-end leisure catamaran built to Olympic standards! With the Nacra 500 MK2 Nacra Sailing defines a new market segment. It is of the highest quality, it is agile and swift but also manageable and durable.  A sleek top-level design, made of the highest quality materials and powered by Olympic class supplier Performance Sails.

Made in Holland
The Nacra 500 MK2 is the next step in the development of the Nacra brand and a result of its continuous innovation. Nacra, known from Olympic class Nacra 17 – the mixed-gender foiling multi-hull at the Olympic Games, and the Nacra 15 –  the current World’s Youth and Youth Olympic Class, the Nacra Carbon 16, the Nacra F18 Infusion and Evolution, and The Nacra Carbon F20 is now entering the high-end recreational market. 

High-end leisure
“This is the catamaran you want to have. For leisure sailing, for family, for sailing schools, hotel chains, but also for occasional racing”, says CEO Peter Vink, “If the brand Nacra is good enough for the Olympics why wouldn’t you allow it for yourself?”

Two versions available
The Nacra 500 comes in a professional and a sports edition. The professional edition is designed for businesses such as sailing schools, resorts and club boats. The Nacra 500 MKII sport edition is specially designed for the sailor with performance ambitions.

Nacra 500 MK2 fully equipped:  € 15.599,00 (including Tax).

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