nacra 500

The Nacra 500 is bigger compared to the Nacra 460. Where the 460 is a great family boat, the Nacra 500 easily fits two adults that like to sail a catamaran at an affordable price. Perfect for local club racing, or just to go out and have fun with family and friends.

The Nacra 500 features clean hull lines, beams recessed into the hulls which make the boat stiffer and the level of buoyancy makes sure you’re on top of the water. The trampoline is made of mesh polypropylene making sure the water quickly drains and you don’t get too wet. Like all Nacra leisure boats, the mainsail is made from MNX material, fibre reinforced monofilm and the jib is Dacron, all made by Performance Sails giving them a long life of strength and performance.

Starting at € 14.399,00 (including Tax).

Nacra 500 Fun

The Nacra 500 Fun is perfect for recreational sailing but can also be used for local club racing. At the Nacra family we also call this boat the ‘pocket rocket’. It’s a simple but really quick catamaran and easy to maneuver in different kind of waves with the large buoyant hulls. Launching from the beach is easy with the kick-up rudders and the skeg hulls. All working gear is from Harken, just like the other Nacra leisure boats.

Nacra 500 School/Resort

Every sailing school needs a proper two-person boat, and the Nacra 500 is a perfect fit. The School/Resort edition has some nice extra features which are great for learning how to sail. Take the boomless mainsail, when you’re learning how to tack or gybe there are many things to think about. Ducking is one of the things that’s easily forgotten, until your head hits the boom. The mainsail is also easy to reef, and the large hulls make the catamaran ready for a sail in different weather conditions. The Nacra 500 is easy to sail with the double trapeze, extendable tiller extension and rotating mast

Nacra 500 Sport

Next to all the features of the Nacra 500 Fun, the Sport edition has a larger battened MNX jib which reaches down to the spinnaker pole. Giving the boat more power lower down, more drive and less heel. The Nacra 500 Sport also comes without dagger boards and a simpler hull construction which saves weight and gains more speed. The 17 square nylon spinnaker packs in a cloth chute with glass fibre entry, making it easy to launch and recover. All in all, the Naca 500 Sport is in perfect balance and enables you to drive fast upwind and downwind.


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